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His mom, though unwilling to share any identifying information, told him when he was 12 years old that the man he called “Dad” was not his real father.  He began to look for the man who was his father…it was a frustrating search that yielded very little. Finally, at age 35, after 23 years of seeking, he called me.
With only a possible nickname for the man he thought might be his father, and assuring me that they both were of the same race, I accepted the challenge.
Five days later, through contacts with old co-workers, a powerful database, retired Detectives that may have been around over 20 years ago and a lot of nose-to-the-ground sleuthing, I was able to determine who the man was, and some of his associates.
To my client’s dismay, the man he longed to meet had died just 6 months before.  Though he was sorry that he had waited so long to begin the search, he was heartily welcomed into a large extended family that was thrilled to have a new family member.

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