Elite Investigations specializes in cheating spouse cases.

Have you suspected for days, or maybe weeks something is wrong or “off” between you and your spouse? Are you beginning to wonder if maybe he or she might be cheating? Have you tried to talk about it and your spouse twisted it around as if YOU were the one with the jealousy issue? “You’re just being paranoid–you’re crazy for thinking like that!” they said. Still, there’s that nagging doubt in your mind.

Though the behaviors being exhibited are indicators of a cheating spouse, they are not absolutes. That’s why you hire Elite Investigations. We specialize in infidelity cases, whether you’re married or just dating. When you need to know for sure call Elite Investigations to find the answers you need. No other private investigator in Billings, MT specializes in catching cheaters like Elite Investigations.

Elite Investigations has the experience and equipment at its disposal to help get to the truth:

  • GPS Units to track vehicles… Are they really where they say they are?
  • “Nanny Cams” hidden inside your home to see what’s going on when you’re not there.
  • A high resolution Digital Camera to get the photo evidence you need.
  • Semen Detection Kits. Put an end to suspicions of cheating and doubt.
  • Conducting professional surveillance to see who he or she is meeting with; weither at lunch time or after work for drinks.

With over 24 years as a Law Enforcement Officer and Private Investigator specializing in cheating spouses, Elite Investigations is the only call you need to make. Don’t trust others with less experience with something so important.

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