Elite Investigations



A woman who had a suspicion her husband might be seeing, among other things, another woman sought out my services in order to prove it. I started surveillance on the husband and was able to confirm my client’s suspicions within a few days. Not only did I see him walking with a woman who was not my client, I was able to capture it on film. The walk ended at some bushes near the river that, unbeknownst to the surreptitious couple, were not an ideal cover for their….activities. There was kissing that soon led to other…acts. I discreetly, but easily, documented all of the…bush related activities…photographically.

As I continued to surveille the husband, I added his paramour to my surveillance. It was easy to discover that she, also, was married. Each evening a different park would find them seeking a secluded area to continue what had started in the bushes. If no suitable place was found, the vehicles seemed an easy answer for their needs. The vehicle also proved to be a place to rev their engines even after a workout in the mistress’ gym.

With enough documentation, my client forwarded the information to the park-visiting female’s husband. Both of the wronged spouses, with the aid of their own attorney’s, and the evidence I was able to provide, obtained lucrative divorce settlements.

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